What is hybrid? It is a combination of two different themes and occasionally, in certain season a hybrid can pops up and take the trend by storm.

Modern Contemporary Interior Design

In interior design, these two are not the same and people often get mix up between these two term.

Modern theme refers to a period of time during the years of 1920 to 1950, it does not change and is a defined style.

Contemporary theme is ever changing, of the ‘moment’, existing, occurring or living at the same time; belonging to the same time. Which means it can be very eclectic because it is ever changing and borrows pieces and styles from all different eras. Hence twenty year from now, something else will be considered contemporary.

Combining these two themes, result is something that is most relevant to current times that you are living in.

Industrial & Scandinavian Interior Design

Industrial theme is one unique concept that stands out. It usually has rustic brick walls with raw & rough texture wood material for carpentry. Expose black electrical tube running across the ceiling of the house. Cement screed walls and maybe floor as well gives the house a cold look feel.

Scandinavian theme is the theme that took over in recent years terms of popularity. It uses softer color palette is easy on the eyes and gives people a more comfortable and safe feel.

Combining these two themes, result is an amazing creative look.

Of course there are themes that are too strong to be put together. E.g. combining an oriental & a classical theme is almost a sure way to destroy a house.