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Give the us the room for creativity to fill the space, permission to think outside the box as there are so many wonderful ways to define someone, starting from unique personality to style and preference which will help us in creating a magnificent living space for you, you only. So allow us to fearless, bold, original. And when we say ‘outside the box’, we don’t necessarily mean go crazy, we simply suggest that we take some unconventional, untraditional methods to plan and draw the type of home that you truly desire.

Yes, it’s always easy and comfortable to play it safe and think that good design is primarily about matching up colors and tones. But we like to bend the rules and refuse to take the easy way out.

Is there places that inject you with a strong feelings or memories? Why not bring what you like closer to home? interior design styles that you’ve seen in either magazines or on the internet and then attempt them out in your home with confidence. Interior design styles are essentially about building an environment to seduce our emotions. Trust us, as we go for it together!

Are you interested to find out how we helped many homeowners (now friends) to fulfill their dreams that seemed impossible?"


interior design Singapore, middle eastern home design

Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern is full of exotic flavour, strong colours like purple and are commonly seen, as it symbolises royalty status. With elegant Moroccan decorative pieces which sometimes involves silk…

interior design singapore, contemporary home design


Contemporary design is ever changing theme, always relevant to the time we are living in, changing as time changes. This design is a living, breathing entity…

interior design singapore, exotic home design


‘High Society’. Ever wonder what is it like to live in a place that has boutique look with a rich feel and can evoke one’s senses…

interior design singapore, luxury home design


‘High Society’. Ever wonder what is it like to live in a place that has boutique look with a rich feel and can evoke one’s senses…

interior design singapore, eclectic home design


Eclectic dream is an injection of numerous colours, which can evokes one’s emotions when you step right into it. It reflects strength, boldness & fun…

interior design singapore, retro home design


Literally brings you ‘Back to the Past’, arguably the most happening period in human era, where groovy music and undeniable authentic style strives…

interior design singapore, futuristic home design


‘A blast to the future’, takes you a world of limitless possibilities with extraordinary structures that seems to be years ahead…

interior design singapore, industrial home design


There is something unique about industrial theme. Imagine mixture of raw materials & rustic surface, exposed black tube, bronze copper pipes, cement screed flooring, interesting, isn’t it…

interior design singapore, victorian home design


‘Reflection of it’s Era’, is viewed as having indulged in an excess of ornaments but be mindful that the more darker color tone it uses, it may start to lean towards a Gothic look…

interior design singapore, classical home design


A little mystical ‘Fairytale Living’? It’s individual furniture pieces speaks for itself, elegant is what we would call it. Often relates to the ideals of Greek and Roman empires…

interior design singapore, scandinavian home design


Scandinavia living has emerged as one the most popular concept in recent years. A wonderful mixture of lightwood & pastel colours make the interior extremely pleasant looking on the eye…

interior design singapore, black home design


Santorini romantic style is regarded as the supermodel of the Greek islands, a head-turner whose face is instantly recognisable around the world, it basically uses two main colours, pure white and blue…

interior design singapore, oriental home design


One can only stand in awe and appreciate the rich ‘Ancient China’ with lots of dark walnut colour furnitures and authentic antique display. Dated back from Chinese dynasty…

interior design singapore, japan home design


Japan, ‘ Mysterious Culture’, a closed up country that has so much to learn from. They produced exquisite works, no wonder they are the real artisans, dedicating their whole life to perfect an art or their crafts…

interior design singapore, zen home design


‘Meditation is Power’. Derived from few influences, from religion and minimalism. This concept evolves over the years and there are different interpretation of it…

interior design singapore, resort home design


‘Chill and Relax. Always wanna enjoy a breather from the busy working life? It uses weathered wood and other natural materials to achieve this stress free living style…


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