All these years, one of the most common questions is whether you should spend well on design & renovation? This is especially so when it comes to first time home owners, they have been told by relatives & friends that renovation should be this certain amount base on their own experience.

However people who advise you to spend similar amount as them.

1. May have done their renovation many years back, pricing definitely will have difference.

2. If you were to look at their house, is the concept of their house what you like? If yes, then perhaps their path is what you can take. But if no, then there is no reason to follow what they did.

3. Some people may not disclose the accurate amount as well, especially when they overspend on renovation.

Engage the right interior designers can help you save

Yes, that is right; a smart designer knows how to strike a balance between aesthetic & budget. And a right intention is not to ask you spend on unnecessary stuffs but on things that enhance the desire look. Asking an experience professional can also save you a lot of time instead of always seeking answers on your own or worse still make a wrong decision. Overspending does not guarantee god results but unrealistic budget will almost surely bring you further away from your imagined ‘dream home’, take a look at our last article on how technology can help to get your visuals right before renovation.

In short, if you are going to stay in the house of at least 5 to 10 years, then spending a decent realistic sum of money to turn your house into a place you can call home that you will love to go back to. Is your money not well worth then? Some food for thought.