interior design Singapore

Development of a design concept following up with plans and drawings.

–     Concept/theme ideas and development.

–     Capture the clients ideas, requirements and transform into an interior design plan.

Layout of proposed furniture plan, develop electrical / lighting plan and interior detailing.

Space planning development for interior floor plan.

–     Color and material selection.

–     Selection of all materials, colors, light fixtures, artwork etc.

–     Options are considered in floor and wall coverings, furniture, accessories, colors, materials, interior lighting, communications and audio-visual design.

We are happy to work on a Design & Build basis with our team of committed workers, to undertake a full tender procedure or to work with our clients’ preferred contractors.

–     Estimate project time frames/schedules and quotation.

–     Final budget requirements are established by evaluation of selection of vendors and material supplier.

–     Construction, purchasing, supervision and coordination of your entire design project.