interior design Singapore

We aspire to serve our customers with Creativity, Dedication and Determination

Homewerg was started to cater to the need of those who are starting a new chapter in their life. We understand how daunting the journey ahead can be as we are just like you. Thus, it is our ultimate goal to provide a personalized and excellent service in assisting individual to navigate through tough decisions which can be extremely mentally and physically exhausting. We also understand the need for individual to be prudent in their spending and getting the best value for their money. Through this approach, customers/homeowners can rest at ease knowing that the renovation is in safe hands.

So simply sit back and spend your precious time with your loved ones knowing that your needs are taken care by us. Through our strict partnership vetting process, customers/homeowners will only be getting offers from the best companies with excellent track records.  We will take the extra step to help you through the selection process after being presented with the multiple quotations ensuring that you are satisfied in getting your service deal.

What is the process like? And how do we proceed?

1. Usually we meet up clients either on site or anywhere (preferably a chat over a cup of coffee!) at least with a floor plan to discuss about what they would like their house to be like, their requirements, the things they need and would like to have.

2. In the second meet up with you, we will show you the floor plan layout and discuss with you the ideas we have in mind. And also go through the estimated quotation.

3. After considering the layout and cost, you can let us know where to proceed ahead.

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Why do you need an interior Designer? Why can’t I handle it myself?

Imagine yourself to handles everything from floor tiles to ceiling works, selection of materials and mechanisms for carpentry work, managing of different workers etc. You will definitely miss out on many fine details. An Interior Designer can lighten your loan significantly, He or she is like the person in charge, the person you go to with questions or need an advice. A designer offers solutions and is able to speed up renovation works, hence leaving you a peace of mind with a hassle free renovation.

What we want is to turn a your house into your dream home, a place where you feel most comfortable and look forward to after a hard day at work.